Neil Young has an Archives!

Published: December 19, 2017 by Katie Kuryla

At the beginning of December, Neil Young wrote on Facebook “December 1st will be a big day for me. The Visitor (his new album) will be coming to your town. I will be going to my town. You will be able to hear me and see me. My archive will open on the same day, a place you can visit and experience every song I have ever released in the highest quality your machine will allow. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. In the beginning, everything is free.”

Young built the Neil Young Archives website “for himself as much as for everyone else.” He wanted to provide fans and music historians with unprecedented access to all of his music.These digital archives are the first of their kind: the best possible music streaming experience, coupled with access to Neil’s personal archives (videos, photographs, original manuscripts, press, letters, and more). The website will use Zstream Music high resolution streaming by OraStream to offer uncompressed master recordings. The website offers a timeline that outlines “when and how the music was made” throughout Young’s career.

Young’s team spent years developing the archive site to make it enjoyable and easy to use. Designed like a filing cabinet, it is organized chronologically. The back of the cabinet is where you will find his earliest recordings and as you move forward, you come across more current work, such as his new album.

Folders have right-side tabs which are part of his “archives” series. These songs are usually unreleased, remixed, or just special to Young in some way. And the songs with a left-side tab folder have been released on an Original Release Series Album.

Along with the steaming of the recordings, there are info cards with album contents, art and credits are available and the songs all come with their corresponding media, memorabilia, press clips, and more. The title cards, or info cards, are written in Young’s handwriting. The website also explains that they want to hear all your questions, comments and ideas so keep asking but there is no specific archivist, just something like the Wizard of Oz (yes, they put that in their FAQ section!)

Young didn’t want the archives to be just about the albums but a reexamining of memories. He is very interest in collecting and organizing, as well as mechanical things and old school record keeping, something that is reflected in his archives.

The Neil Young Archives is available at and it is free for now. So if you are a fan of Neil Young or you want to see a cool website, check it out.


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