Community Profiles

MLIS Student Greg Gardner Designs Database to Track Records Management Programs Worldwide

Working with Associate Professor Patricia Franks and the ARMA International Educational Foundation, MLIS student Greg Gardner developed a database and website designed to provide an overview of all Records Management programs available in English speaking countries.

Student Kent Conrad Plans to Use Technology Skills in Film Archiving

Student Kent Conrad plans to use knowledge from his SLIS courses on database management and emerging technologies as he works toward a career in film archiving.

Student Luana Darby Brings Information Science Skills to Genealogy Community

Student Luana Darby knows earning her MLIS degree fits perfectly with her work as a professional genealogist.

iPad Applications Class Guides Student Silke Higgins to Digital Librarianship

Student Silke Higgins is pursuing a career in digital services, thanks, in part, to the inspiration she received from an MLIS course she completed during Fall 2010, regarding iPad applications and other new media.