Informatics Students Permission Number Request Form


MS Informatics Students: We have MS in Informatics Courses set to permission number control in MySJSU so that students from other programs do not fill up seats in your required classes.

Please fill out the following webform prior to Advanced Registration, so that the Student Services Team may send you the permission numbers you will need to register for your specifically requested classes. Because not every course topic runs each semester, you should check the INFM schedule of courses offered for the upcoming term before submitting this form. Please review the Informatics Rotations as well as the upcoming Schedule of Classes for your program and semester. For any academic advising concerns, contact your INFM Program Coordinator prior to submitting the request form.

Note: For INFM 211 Capstone, you will need to separately fill out the INFM 211 Capstone Request Form, after reading this page of requirements.

Please submit Spring 2021 INFM permission number requests via this webform beginning October 1, 2020. We will send out INFM permission numbers once they have been generated in the system. Be sure to request Session I and Session II classes. There is only one registration window for both your Session I and II Spring classes.