MARA 294 or MARA 295 Professional Experiences


MARA students may select one of two courses to gain practical experience: MARA 294 Internships or MARA 295 Organizational Consulting Project.

MARA 294 Internships

Internship under professional supervision in a selected archives or records center. The internship site must meet criteria outlined in the MARA internship guidelines and be approved by the internship coordinator. More information on this course.
Repeatable up to 6 units.

Prerequisite: MARA 200, 204, plus six advanced courses. Good academic standing.

MARA 295 Organizational Consulting Project

An Organizational Consulting Project is submitted by an individual or organization, supervised by a professional archivist or records manager, and require the application of the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program. More information on this course.
Not repeatable. (For students who enrolled prior to 2015, repeatable up to 6 units.)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 7 required courses: MARA 200, 204, 210, 211, 249, 285, and one offering of 284. Good academic standing [3.0 CUM GPA or above], obtain a recommendation by one MARA instructor, and receive permission of the MARA academic advisor.