WISE Summer 2022


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  • Course offerings posted: March 28, 2022
  • Priority application period: March 28 – April 5, 2022
  • Applications accepted through April 19, 2022
WISE classes approved for iSchool students for Summer 2022
Course Information Description
Museum Collection Development
(3 credits)

Course runs July 5-28, 2022. Course is asynchronous.

Host University: Queens College
Instructor: Stumm, Carey
This course will cover the essential elements of the management of museum collections including collection policy, legal and ethical concerns, artifact handling, documentation, information management, preservation, exhibition and access. Museum collections that will be studied include collections of art, history, natural history, science and moving image/multimedia. Course topics will be demonstrated through videos, discussions, case-studies, reading, and various activities. Assignments include researching various topics and discussing them in online forums, working with a class museum, creating an online collection record through E-Hive, and grant proposal.

See this sample of a previous syllabus for more information.
Business Information Sources & Services (3 credits)

Course runs June 20-Aug. 5, 2022. Course is asynchronous.

Host University: Simmons University
Instructor: Schuller, Linda
A survey of print and electronic information sources as well as coverage of basic business concepts is provided. It will include sources basic to business, finance, trade, company and industry reference and be both national and international in scope. The objective will be to familiarize students with source material, including government sources and statistics, industry and trade literature, used for business research. Attention will also be paid to the information needs of business people and researchers as well as the issues and concerns associated with business information gathering and research.


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