Big Data Certificate FAQs

  1. Q. Do students complete the Big Data certificate program as a cohort?
    A. No, students can begin the program in fall or spring semesters and complete courses at their own pace.
  2. Q. Can MLIS or MARA students be enrolled in both the master’s degree program and the Big Data certificate program concurrently?
    A. No, students cannot be enrolled in both programs at the same time.
  3. Q. Can students skip a semester?
    A. Yes, students can skip a semester as long as they complete the certificate program requirements in three years.
  4. Q. How long do students have to complete all three courses from first enrolling in the program?
    A. Students have three years to complete the program.
  5. Q. Can MLIS or MARA students take the Big Data certificate courses as part of the master’s degree program electives?
    A. No, the programs are separate.
  6. Q. Can students transfer courses offered in the Big Data certificate program into the MLIS degree program after they earn their Big Data certificate and are accepted to the MLIS program?
    A. Yes, new students entering the MLIS program can transfer up to six units earned in the Big Data certificate program toward their MLIS program requirements. The Certificate in Big Data must be earned before enrolling in the MLIS program.
  7. Q. Can SJSU iSchool MLIS graduates transfer in courses from the earned MLIS into the Big Data Certificate?
    A. No, courses do not transfer in to the Big Data program.
  8. Q. Can I use financial aid to pay for the Big Data Certificate program tuition?
    A. No the Big Data program does not qualify for financial aid.