Sandra Hirsh

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Sandra Hirsh, PhD | Professor

Statement of Research Interests and Perspectives

Dr. Sandra Hirsh's research focuses on information-seeking behavior and understanding the information needs, especially in relation to technology, of a broad spectrum of users in the United States and around the world. She has performed research both in academic and industrial research settings. As an industry researcher, she contributed to R&D research projects and influenced the user experience of web, mobile, and TV consumer products resulting in 5 U.S. patents. Her current research projects range from studying online education perspectives and readiness in other countries, information-seeking of online fantasy sports players, to emerging technologies and residency models for libraries.

Current Research Projects/Grants

  • The Global Transformation of Libraries, LIS Education, and LIS professionals, with Elaine Hall

Current Research Students

Representative Refereed Publications

  • Hirsh, S., Faires, D., & Hines, A. (in press). Perceptions and viability of launching LIS eLearning programs in developing countries: A Vietnam case study. In J.T. Du, Q. Zhu, & A. Koronios (Eds.), Library and Information Science Research in Asia-Oceania: Theory and Practice.

  • Hirsh, S., Anderson, C., & Caselli, M. (2012). The reality of fantasy: Uncovering information-seeking behaviors and needs in online fantasy sports. CHI’12 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 849–864.

  • Anderson, C., Hirsh, S. G., and Mohr, A. (2008). Wheels around the world: Windows Live mobile interface design. In CHI '08 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Florence, Italy, April 05 - 10, 2008). ACM CHI '08, 2113-2128.

  • Hirsh, S. & Dinkelacker, J. (2004). Seeking information in order to produce information: An empirical study at Hewlett Packard Labs. Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 55 (9), 807-817.

  • Hirsh, S. (2004). Domain knowledge and children’s search behavior. In: Youth Information Seeking Behavior: Theories, Models and Issues. Edited by Mary K. Chelton and Colleen Cool. Scarecrow Press. pp. 241-270.

  • Hirsh, S. & Dinkelacker, J. (2003). Impact of a Corporate Merger on the Information Seeking Behaviors of Research Practitioners. Proceedings of the 66th American Society for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting, Volume 40, 78-84.

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