scorecard course development 11


Course Development and Instructional Design #11

11 Usability tests are conducted and applied and recommendations based upon Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAGs) are incorporated.

Deficient      Developing      Accomplished     Exemplary

The iSchool provides all web content via CMS platforms designed to deliver content in the format most accessible to the user.

Responsive content deliveries provide requested resources in the form most amenable to user’s technological capabilities. Functionality is “ground up” meaning enhancements are added where possible. No content is lost as a result of feature degradation.

All web documents are rendered in semantically valid HTML. WCAG accessibility standards are built into the presentation layer of our CMS applications. The iSchool has a published accessibility policy, and a public process for assisting all users to negotiate access to our content and staff.

The T3 training program and compliance policy ensure all instructional staff are in line with the mission and strategy of the school to formally apply our accessibility processes within the scope of the LMS software.

Recorded multimedia content is closed captioned using a high quality professional service. Live audiovisual events provide on demand accessibility services.

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