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Institutional Support #6

6 The online program’s strategic plan is reviewed for its continuing relevance, and periodically improved and updated.

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The Strategic Plan is posted on the School web site. It outlines specific goals and key performance indicators. The plan provides direction for the School and it is continuously used in the decision making process. Progress on each goal is evaluated quarterly, with a major review performed annually each November. The strategic directions were last reviewed and updated in December 2018.

The Strategic Plan identifies who is responsible for each goal. Responsibility primarily lies with specific individuals or one or more of the School’s governance committees. Each of these committees includes representatives of the following groups:

  • Full-time faculty
  • Part-time faculty
  • Alumni
  • Students

Committees report their work in quarterly faculty retreats and decisions are made and implemented. A continuous cycle of decision making, implementation, and review is in place.

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