Design Thinking Challenge: Library Classroom Redesign
Emmanuel Edward Te, 2019 Showcase

Showcase INFO 287 - Design Thinking

Design Thinking Challenge: Library Classroom Redesign

Design thinking (DT) is an iterative, people-centered process that can help librarians systematically explore context-specific issues of their libraries, find ways to facilitate positive user experiences, and demonstrate continued relevance to their patrons. Emerging from a desire to improve information literacy instruction at his current institution, in this Library Classroom Redesign project, the author explored how the AAU library classroom impacts library instruction. He employed a variety of qualitative research methods and compiled secondary research on trends of student demographics and higher education learning expectations to identify issues pertaining to space and sound. He offered proposals for prototyping, implementing, and evaluating physical space changes and workflows. The author concludes with a positive reflection on the DT process, recounting the insights and community connections the process has generated, which he hopes to use in his future reference and instruction work. 

Emmanuel Edward Te

Emmanuel Edward Te believes that instructional moments exist everywhere, both inside and outside the classroom. He pursued his MLIS to find ways to facilitate learning and discovery in the library, doing his best to bring his enthusiasm for learning into all of his interactions. He earned his MLIS from the iSchool in 2017; his educational background also includes a BA in Psychology and a second major in Theology and Religious Studies. He is the current Reference and Information Literacy Librarian at Academy of Art University (AAU) Library. Professional interests include information literacy instruction, online education, adult learner populations, research methods, academic writing, and instructional technologies. Personal hobbies include playing video games, watching anime, building Gundam model kits, and looking for great boba (bubble tea) places.