The Future of Social Media
Roberta Richter, 2016 Showcase

The Future of Social Media (placeholder)

The Future of Social Media: This infographic discusses social media in its current state, including statistics regarding popular platforms. It also discusses predictions of change in social media, including social media being mainly mobile, the web getting smarter as time passes, how social media will change the government, and how companies will adopt open source attitudes toward social media. Some highlights discusses include how social media is and will be utilized in the work place, the downside of social media, challenges seen by companies using social media, the trend toward using social media to build positive psychology, and trends that are occurring in social media.

Roberta Richter

My name is Roberta Richter. I have been a student at San Jose State University since January of 2015. I currently work at the La Grange Park Public Library District as the Circulation/Technical Services Director. I have been at this library for nearly 4 years and have worked in public libraries for 14 years. I was fortunate to take the INFO282 course covering Emerging Technologies for the Spring2016 semester. This course is not something that I normally would have taken, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and I am glad I did. I learned so much about different technologies that I have never heard about before. I hope to continue using the Flipboard from this course to read about more new and exciting things to come!