Libraries of the Future? Staff-less Libraries
Paula Greene, 2017 Showcase

Libraries of the Future? Staff-less Libraries: This presentation is an investigation into the new thrust towards staff-less and open libraries where users interact with facilities and collections without the obvious presence of librarians on the premises. It looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the model, and the opinions and concerns shared by stakeholders about loss of jobs, security issues, human interaction and communication issues, and the use of technology to manage these libraries.

Paula E. Greene

Paula Greene: I am an IT professoinal working in web systems development for over ten years. I spent my formative years as a library assistant in special and public libraries and have always had a love for libraries and admiration for the work done by librarians. I am an alumnus of the iSchool at Syracuse University where I did my Bachelors in Information Management and Technology, and I am happy years later to be a part of another forward-thinking iSchool here at San Jose University completing my MLIS.

Libraries of the Future