WISE Fall 2019



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WISE classes approved for iSchool students for Fall 2019
Course Title Credit Hours University Brief Description Notes Syllabus Link (If Available)
History, Principles, Practice
2 University of Illinois A hands-on exploration of multiple styles of bookbinding. Students will acquire fundamental technical knowledge by creating a variety of book structures using traditional tools and materials. An appreciation of the history of bindings will be gained through readings and virtual visits to Rare Book and Manuscript Rooms. Meets 08/26/19-10/18/19. Synchronous: Mondays, 7-9 PM Central Time Link to Syllabus
Code & Power 3 UW-Madison iSchool Does the Internet flatten the world? How do race, class, gender and other forms of intersectional oppression show up in code? What are the social relationships that structure our Digital Society? Overcoming gaps in information access and participation starts with you. This course combines an introduction to computer scripting with a critical examination of inequality in the contemporary computing industries. Students will increase their computing confidence through interactive hands-on exercises to gain mastery of core scripting concepts applicable to a variety of coding tools (e.g., HTML, PHP, SQL). At the same time, students will learn to design and assess inclusive computing activities and events through hands-on projects. Start date: Sept. 4; End date: Last class day Dec. 11; exam period ends Dec. 19. Available upon request; contact Debbie Faires
Motivational Aspects of Information Use 3 Syracuse University Theories of motivation and behavior affecting information use in learning, workplace, and virtual environments. Emphasis on applying motivational theories and models to management practices in information organizations and to the design of information resources and presentations Start date 8/26/2019 End date 12/06/2019. Asynchronous in Blackboard. N/A
Music Librarianship and Bibliography 2 University of Illinois Music Librarianship is a unique field, requiring a firm grasp of principles of music and librarianship. This course will cover a number of aspects of music librarianship, including music collections, information literacy, and music technology. Students will explore the current literature on music librarianship and analyze the theoretical aspects of the field through discussions and written assignments. Students will also delve into the practice of music librarianship by meeting music librarians and completing a project for a music library. Meets 08/26/19-10/18/19.
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 PM Central Time.

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