WISE Spring 2021



  • Nov. 23: Courses posted
  • Nov. 23 – Dec. 3: Students may apply to be WISE participants for Spring 2021by filling out the WISE course request form 
  • Dec. 3: Form closes
  • Dec. 4: Students notified
WISE classes approved for iSchool students for Spring 2021
Course Title Host University Instructor Additional Information Credit Hours
Information Analytics

This course introduces analytical techniques to deal with very large data sets. Students will become familiar with predictive modeling, clustering, data mining, and paradigms such as Map Reduce.
UNC Chapel Hill Rajasekar, Arcot Course runs Jan. 19 – May 5; synchronous meetings on Tuesday, 3 – 4:15 Pacific Time/6 – 7:15 pm Eastern Time 3
Museum Collection Development

This course will cover the essential elements of the management of musuem collections including collection policy, legal and ethical concerns, artifact handling, documentation, information management, preservation, exhibition and access. Museum collections that will be student include collections of art, history, natural history, science and moving image/multimedia. Course topics will be demonstrated through videos, discussions, case-studies, reading, and various activities. Assignments include researching various topics and discussing them in online forums, a research paper about preservation, a museum exhibit evaluation, creating an online collection record through E-Hive, and two exams. Field trip to a museum exhibit is required. Summer 2020 Syllabus
Queens College Stumm, Carey Course runs Jan. 29 – May 25 3
Music Librarianship and Bibliography

Music Librarianship is a unique field, requiring a firm grasp of principles of music and librarianship. This course will cover a number of aspects of music librarianship, including music collections, information literacy, and music technology. Students will explore the current literature on music librarianship and analyze the theoretical aspects of the field through discussions and written assignments. Students will also delve into the practice of music librarianship by meeting music librarians and completing a project for a music library. More
University of Illinois Johnson, Kristin Course runs Jan. 25 – March 31; Synchronous class meetings on Thursdays from 2-4 pm Pacific Time 2
Special Topics-Motivation & Mindfulness in Info Context

This course offers a background in the science and psychology of motivation and mindfulness in a range of inquiry contexts, providing theoretical grounding in the psychology and neuroscience literatures, along with pragmatic evidence-based design principles for supporting focused inquiry practices among patrons, clients and co-workers in both online and in-person information-rich settings. Generalizable program evaluation methods will also be addressed through the final project assignment. More
Rutgers University Reynolds, Rebecca Course runs Jan. 19 – May10 3
Storytelling for Information Professionals

Storytelling from oral tradition to information age. Special application in education, library advocacy, business/enterprise, and community engagement. Experiences in various techniques including use of digital tools for story creation. The implications of technological advances such as virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality on the future of storytelling will also be addressed as well as the concept of transmedia storytelling. IST 646 will use a variety of methods to deliver instruction including but not limited to instructor lectures, case studies, videos, podcasts, discussions, guest interviews, and readings. More
Syracuse University Arnone, Marilyn Course runs Feb. 8 – Apr. 30 3
Theological Librarianship

Provides an overview of the contexts, materials, services, and issues characterizing theological librarianship. Students interact with a number of librarians currently working in the field.
University of Illinois Berryhill, Carisse Course runs Jan. 25 – May 5; synchronous meetings on Wednesdays, 1-3 Pacific Time/3 – 5 pm Central Time 2


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