WISE Summer 2021


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  • March 29: Courses posted
  • March 29 – April 11: Students may apply to be WISE participants for Summer 2021 by filling out the WISE course request form 
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  • April 13: Students notified
WISE classes approved for iSchool students for Spring 2021
Course Information Description
Human Information Interaction (3 credits)

Course runs May 19 – June 21

Host University: UNC Chapel Hill
Instructor: Thomson, Leslie
The behavioral and cognitive activities of those who interact with information, with emphasis on the role of information mediators. How information needs are recognized and resolved; use and dissemination of information.
Systems Analysis (3 credits)

Course runs May 19 – June 21

Host University: UNC Chapel Hill
Instructor: Mazur, Lukasz
Introduction to the systems approach to the design and development of information systems. Methods and tools for the analysis and modeling of system functionality (e.g., structured analysis) and data represented in the system (e.g., object-oriented analysis) are studied.
Organizational/Information Ethics (3 credits)

Course runs June 16 – August 2

Host University: Simmons
Instructor: Hussey, Lisa
The course will examine the ethical implications of decisions made within various organizational contexts regarding issues such as property ownership, strategy formulation, the utilization of computer technology, employee relations, accountability, conflicts of interest, as well as other topics relevant to today’s managers. Participants will examine the ethical implications of cases at the individual, organizational, and societal levels. The course will assist professionals to clarify and apply their own moral standards and ethical norms, beliefs, and values to unfamiliar, complex situations in which the appropriate application of these values may not be obvious. The course makes no effort to dictate what is “right,” “proper,” and “just” – that is left to the individual’s own moral standards of behavior and ethical systems of belief.


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