Complete Quadrant Three

Quadrant 3: Supporting Information

1.  Choose “I Am Not Adding Any Experiences.”

2.  Choose “I Am Not Adding Any Achievements.”

3.  Do Not Add Documents. Statement of Purpose: Enter "NA" unless you are a Fall 2019 MS in Informatics applicant. Fall 2019 MS in Informatics applicants: will apply via the MARA program and in Quadrant 3 of the application will enter into the "Statement of Purpose" box: "Please redirect my application to the MS Informatics program".  After submitting the application, send an email to Dr. Linda Main -School of information Associate Director -confirming your application for Informatics. Her email is: Your application will be redirected to the MS in Informatics program.

4.  Enter “N/A” and choose: Save and Continue.


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