Submit Application

Submit your Application

It’s time to review your application and submit.

1.  View “My Application:” All Quadrants are showing green, and are complete.

2.  Go to: Submit Application. Have your Credit Card or PayPal Information ready and choose Submit.

3.  Go through the Payment screens and enter your payment information.

4.  You will receive a confirmation email. Make sure your email is set up to receive messages from It is your responsibility to monitor the status of your application and follow up with Cal State Apply on any missing items or incomplete or undelivered statuses. You can track your status via the "Check Status" area of your application. Once your application has been submitted, read our Financial Aid ( resource to learn about the process to apply for Financial.

When you submit your Cal State Apply application online, you will receive instructions on how to retrieve your SJSU ID and password and activate your student self-service MySJSU account. Soon afterward, you will receive a User ID and password in an email. When you receive this information, you will be able to log on to and check the status of your application online. Look for the MySJSU icon. Your application status is located at the bottom of your MySJSU Student Center web page. Check this often! If you are concerned about missing documents, check your application "To-do" list. SJSU communicates almost entirely by messages and 'to-do' items posted to your MySJSU account.

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