Success in the information professions start with an SJSU iSchool degree.

Career Pathways

The career pathways described below are presented as introductions to various careers and topics, and are intended to be used by SJSU School of Information students for career planning and course selection. Graduates with a Master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) work in many different organizational environments doing the work described in these career pathways. They often use the same skills for different clients.

As an MLIS student at the SJSU School of Information, you have a lot of choice in your course selection and in the networking opportunities available to you. You have the opportunity to build skills that are useful in many different organizations and environments, and for both physical and virtual client groups.

We encourage you to remain open-minded when considering what you can do for work, where, and for whom. Many of the key skills you develop in your MLIS program are transferable. These career pathways are here to help you see where your choices might lead you – and to showcase some sets of skills as used for different job functions or in different organizational environments, both physical and virtual.

Check out available and upcoming courses and colloquia, network, take internships (highly recommended!) – and continue to think about what you are good at, what you like to do and who for, and in what kind of organizational setting (and look at and beyond brick and mortar physical environments). Browse the iSchool Colloquia Collection, the Community Profiles stories and the Alumni Career Spotlights to learn about alumni and students following these career pathways. You might even wish to contact some of them for an informational interview.

The career pathways described here are provided solely for advising purposes. No special designations appear on your transcript or diploma. All students earn an MLIS degree.

The SJSU School of Information offers the following career pathways for your consideration. Please note that this is only a partial list of the diverse career directions you can follow with an MLIS degree.


The MLIS program at SJSU is very practical. I came to the job market with usable skills. – MLIS graduate

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