Amazon and Senna Servers

Students who wish to use Web projects developed, for example, in INFO 240, 246, or 287, as sources of evidence should contact Gina Lee after the first day of classes for a usr289 account for the iSchool Web server Senna. No instruction will be given. It is assumed that you can use SSH and SFTP. Once access is provided you will set up your own directories with appropriate permissions and SFTP your files. If you do not know how to do this, do not ask for a usr289 account. Your user account will be locked but not redeployed upon completion of INFO 289. This means that you can view your files for up to six months. You will not, however, be able to add to the files or change them after completion of INFO 289. Please request accounts after the first day of the semester.

Students who wish to upload multimedia files should upload the files not to Canvas but to the separate iSchool Web server Amazon, and then create Canvas e-Portfolio artifacts that link to the multimedia files on Amazon. Please contact Gina Lee after the first day of classes to request an account on the Amazon server in order to upload multimedia files. Gina will handle distribution of both the Amazon and the Senna accounts.

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