Choosing an Internship

Students can search the iSchool Internship Sites Database for currently available and upcoming internship opportunities. Internship listings provide information on desired qualifications, application procedures and deadlines. Students may search for internships based on task (archival, non-archival), work to be done (virtual, on site), pay status (paid, unpaid), location, and other factors.

Some internships have a formal internal application process and deadline. If so, it is the student’s responsibility to apply in a timely manner so that decisions may be made by the internship site in advance of registration dates for that semester.

Several site supervisors have shared their opportunities through live presentations. Recordings of these sessions are linked below. These supervisors are full of enthusiasm and dedicated to mentoring their interns. Besides offering truly interesting opportunities, they are also offering to share their knowledge and their networks. 

April 3 Recording

  • Nancy Faget, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, non-archival, virtual internships
  • Stephen Parr, Oddball Films, archival, virtual internship
  • Loni Shibuyama, ONE Archives at USC Libraries, archival, on site internship
  • Cindy Hill, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, non-archival, on site internships
  • Barbara Vasquez, Los Angeles City College, non-archival, on site internship
  • Candace Falk, UC Berkeley, archival, on site internship

April 8 Recording

  • Rachel Isaac-Menard, Architecture_MPS, non-archival, virtual internship
  • Kim Durante, Stanford University, non-archival, on site internship
  • Kenley Neufeld, Santa Barbara City College, non-archival, on site and non-archival, virtual internships
  • Alicia Campbell, County of Orange, OC Public Works, non-archival, on site internship
  • Julie Finklang, San Mateo County Library, non-archival, virtual internships
  • Darla Wegener, Long Beach Public Library, non-archival and archival, on site internships

Recordings are also available from previous Site Supervisor Panel sessions. The iSchool Internships playlist on YouTube contains videos from the Fall 2013 sessions

Please note: Individuals requiring real-time captioning or other accommodations should contact Sue Alman/iSchool.


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