INFO 203 "How-to" Videos

The videos on this page are all 5 minutes or less in length and were created by the Info 203 peer mentors. 
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Fall 2015 Videos


How to connect your Canvas Calendar to your Google Calendar
Pam Hooper

Adding an image to a discussion post
Barbara Ros



Excel tips and tricks
A few tips and tricks that will help you manage changes and protected data in Excel Workbooks with ease
Sara Brewington


Google Drive

Gmail and SJSU Email Attachments easily uploaded to Google Drive
Sara Latham


iSchool Student Information

How to Search the iSchool Internship Listing Database
Adrienne Sayban

Locating eTextBooks from the library homepage and simple ebook navigation
Alicia Dalton

What I WIsh I Had Known Before I Started My Masters at SJSU
Useful tips and links to help make things easier.
Kristen Amaral


Microsoft Word

Citation and Reference list in Word for Mac
Keith Lanterman

How to make a running head in Word and Google Docs
Joanna Novick



Using Ref Works in Research
Jessica Bowman


Useful Tools

Dropbox: How to use it and the benefits of saving your work
Stacy Joy

How and when to send group emails using CC and BCC
Ricardo Ramirez

How to use OWL at Purdue for help citing papers with APA citation style
Diana Wuerthner

LinkedIn: How to easily add connections
Sinead Borgersen

Piktochart for Infographics
Terry Funk

Twitter: How to network, find job postings and other information pertaining to library science
Melanie Terrill

Using Doodle to coordinate schedules with other students for group projects
Merideth Zobell



Videos from Previous Semesters



Bb IM: Adding Contacts & Starting a Collaborate Session
Jessica Gilbert Redman


Canvas Calendar
Anna Piccolo

How to Insert a Hyperlink in a Canvas Discussion Post
Barbara Thorp

How to receive Canvas course notifications via email
Courtney Pricer Kesinger

How to Reply to a Canvas Discussion with Gmail
Cybil Schroder

How to set up text notifications in Canvas
Elizabeth Cook

Upload File to Canvas and Add Picture to Discussion
Jessica Gilbert Redman

Career Resources

Interview Tips
Abby Reiter

Library Job Website: INALJ (I Need a Library Job)
Kristian Comeaux

Overview of Career Workshops
Lisa Andrade


Tips for Uploading PowerPoints to Blackboard Collaborate
Nicole Fernandez


Adding dropdown selection lists to cells in Microsoft Excel
Lesley Stiver

Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel
Shauna Stewart

Google Drive

Overview of Google Drive
Angela Di Tommaso

iSchool Student Information

Best Practices for Planning Course Enrollment
Renee LaCapria-Harper

Choosing Classes: Course Syllabi
Anna Taylor

Finding the course description of previous semester classes and syllabi
Raisa Arreola

How to Access Syllabi and Professor Bios
Annie Pennington

Information about technology support on iSchool website
Vanessa Holm

Locating class textbooks
Haneen Odeh

Locating the e-Portfolio rubric
Anh Tran

Using the MLIS Courses and Core Competencies Web Page
Sarah Feldhaus

Preparing for a New Semester - Syllabi, Textbooks, etc.
Courtney Hensel

Tips for the First Week of School
Christina Kantzavelos

INFO 203

Locating the Student Grading Rubrics in INFO 203
Kelley Wantuch

Tips on How to Identify the URL for the RSS Feed
Susan Bloom

Microsoft Word

How to Create Hanging Indents
Jessica Creighton

How to Create Hanging Indents
Kathy Dart

How to use Microsoft Word's References: Insert Citation feature
Kate Nicolson-Willard


Getting Started with Zotero to Track Your Research
Shauna Stewart

How to use RefWorks to keep track of your research
Petra Pendroff

Productivity Tools: Zotero MS Word Add-in
Marie Myers

The Lazy Student's Guide to Research: Using Cross-Disciplinary Database Searches and Citation Linker to Make Your Research Easier
Kris Ashley

Using Google Scholar
Jim Uebbing

To view captions for files marked with *, download the video and open with QuickTime or VLC.
When using Quicktime, select View > Subtitles > English.  For VLC: Subtitle > Subtitle Track > English