Virtual Internship FAQs

  1. Q. Could I receive both credit and pay for a virtual internship?
    A. Yes, it is possible. iSchool virtual internship courses are always taken for credit. However, virtual internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the employer. Check the iSchool Internship Sites Database to view both types of internship opportunities.
  2. Q. How many credits can I earn?
    A. MLIS students may register for 2, 3, or 4 credits for the internship experience. MARA  and PMC students will only register for a 3-credit internship course.
  3. Q. How can I find available MLIS and MARA virtual internships?
    A. To search for virtual internship opportunities in archival and non-archival settings, please see the iSchool Internship Sites Database. You may filter your internship search to include only virtual internships by using the drop-down menu alongside “Work to be done” and selecting “Virtual.”
  4. Q. How do I apply for a virtual internship?
    A. Each handbook provides important information and links to the required internship application and evaluation form specific to the iSchool program of study:
  5. Q. Is a virtual internship right for me?
    A. Successful virtual interns are proactive, self-motivated individuals who can work independently and feel comfortable with some level of ambiguity. To decide if pursuing a virtual internship is the right choice for you, please answer the questions found previously in Who should apply for a virtual internship?

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