World Languages

World Languages Overview

As a joint venture of the School of Information and the Department of World Languages and Literatures we are happy to offer Beginning and Advanced (Intermediate) Spanish for Spring 2015.  See Beginning Spanish Fall 2014 syllabus and Intermediate Spanish Fall 2014 syllabus.  The classes can only be offered in special session.

Important Note: MLIS students must have completed the following core classes LIBR 200, 202, 203, 204 in order to be given a permission number to take Spanish

The classes are upper division and they count towards your 43 unit MLIS degree. Each class is 3 units.

Requesting a "Seat" in the Spanish classes

Note: If you are given a permission number to register for the class you will also be given the course code.

Permission numbers will be sent before Spring 2015 registration starts: November 12th for special session.


Counting the Classes Towards Your Degree

List the foreign language classes in the Other Department section of your candidacy form; or put them on your course substitution form.

Important: The maximum number of units that can be transferred into your MLIS degree (in total– not just language classes but all transfers) is 9 units.


Read more about the partnership between iSchool and the SJSU Department of World Languages and Literatures and why these unique courses were developed for our School's MLIS students.