Graduation Application Process and Forms

All students must complete and submit two required SJSU forms by the posted deadlines for the semester you plan to graduate. The first form is the Candidacy Approval form; the second is the Application for Award of Master's Degree form. Make sure you read and understand the instructions for the two separate forms since they will be submitted differently to different offices.

The Candidacy Approval form can be submitted at any time after you have completed nine units. The deadline to submit is approximately 4–5 months before the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate. The Application for Award of Master's Degree form is usually due at the start of the semester you plan to graduate. It is your responsibility to keep track of these deadline dates and submit all forms before the deadline for that form. These deadlines are set by the University and are not flexible. There is no recourse for a missed deadline. Missing a deadline means that SJSU will delay your effective graduation date to a future semester.

See the left menu for directions on filling out both forms and submitting them.

Video Overview of the Graduation Process



Also make sure to go to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office (GAPE) site at and read the Current Students/Steps for Completing Your Master's Degree and the Frequently Asked Questions sections for more information about acceptable grades, required academic standing, transcripts, diplomas, etc.