At the end of each semester, instructors have one to two weeks to complete and file grade rosters. Admissions and Records then processes the grades. This procedure takes at least two weeks. Check MySJSU (opens in new window) and the iSchool Events for dates of when grades will become available.

SJSU does not mail grades. You must check for your grades online.

Effective Spring 2009, all core classes must be completed with a grade of B or better. If the grade is less than B (B- or lower) after the first attempt a student will be placed on administrative probation. The student must repeat the class the following semester. If -on the second attempt- the student does not pass the class with a grade of B or better (not B- but B) they will be disqualified. (See required grade details.)

Also, only classes with a grade of C or higher (in graded courses) can be put on a candidacy form and used for the MLIS or MARA degrees.