Semester Leave

Once a student has enrolled for at least one semester, the student has the option of not enrolling for one semester. If a student opts not to enroll for one semester, no paperwork is required. Please note that newly enrolled students must attend for one semester before they are eligible for this semester leave.
Students who have attended one semester as a graduate student and are in good standing may leave SJSU for one semester (Fall or Spring) without applying for an official leave of absence. Students must return in the semester following the one semester leave or they will have to re-apply for admission. Summer and Winter registration is not required nor does it count as being in matriculation. (See Leave of Absences at
Students wishing to take a leave of two or more semesters should read the University Policy section on "Leave of Absence and Withdrawal". (See Academic forms for a listing of all Office of the Registrar forms.)
Fill out the Leave Request Form [PDF] (PDF is on Office of Registrar Web site).  Send the pdf to the iSchool Student Services Coordinator to obtain advisor's signature.