Several companies provide complimentary access to their services and databases for students and faculty of schools of library and information science. Access is available to current iSchool students and faculty. Most vendors provide access throughout your student career, though it may be necessary to obtain new login information from time to time (this is the case with Dialog). Factiva and Westlaw provide accounts for a semester of instruction—not ongoing access.

You will need the current iSchool Restricted Materials username and password to access some resources. This log-in will be provided by your instructor and is updated each semester. The password is for the use of faculty and students only and should not be shared with anyone outside the program.

Remember that there are a large number of databases available through the King Library—including several listed here. If you need the additional resources from the list below, contact Gina Lee for an account. Please include your name and student ID number in your note.

Listed below is information about each of the services available to our students.

CALI | Dialog | EOSFactiva Gale | LexisNexis | LibGuides | OCLC |

Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

Students, faculty and staff have unlimited access to over 850 interactive lessons related to legal education. Lessons focus on legal topics but also include the following topics of interest to all LIS students:

Current students can use the iSchool Restricted Materials login to access further details.


CALI | Dialog | EOSFactiva Gale | LexisNexis | LibGuides | OCLC |


Dialog accounts may be requested by instructors of 244, 245 and 220. Instructors will distribute passwords to students who have completed the Terms of Use Agreement.

Dialog's Terms of Use Agreement:

Passwords on Dialog accounts change each semester.



The EOS.Web integrated library system is available for class and individual academic use. Faculty and students have access to the cataloging, acquisitions, and serials modules.

Contact Gina Lee for account details.



Factiva accounts are available to the students during the semester they are enrolled in a class where the instructor chooses to teach how to use the database.

Factiva login page:

Download Documentation:

There are many documents available in a PDF format that students may find useful. One of which is the Inside-Out Guide, the Advanced User Guide for

Problems with connecting successfully? See Student Computing Services Center

All students and faculty also have access to Factiva through the SJSU Library's databases.



All students and faculty can access all of the Gale databases through this program co-sponsored by ALISE. Read more at

CALI | Dialog | EOSFactiva Gale | LexisNexis | LibGuides | OCLC |


Nexis login page:

See this page of information:

Students generally receive a LexisNexis account when they take INFO 244.

All students and faculty also have access to LexisNexis through the SJSU Library's databases.



Faculty members who wish to have their students create LibGuides pages should contact Gina Lee for information about accounts.



Students and faculty can access the following NoveList databases:

NoveList K-8:,uid&profile=novpk8

NoveList Plus:,uid&profile=novplus

The password is available to use these databases. (You will need the current SJSU iSchool restricted materials username and password to access the NoveList password page.) The password and/or User ID will be changed each semester.


OCLC - First Search

First Search login page:

The FirstSearch databases that OCLC produces (WorldCat in particular) are available without restriction, but the third party content (H.W. Wilson for example) is not.

Instructors who wish to use this resource in their courses should contact Gina Lee for login information.

CALI | Dialog | EOSFactiva Gale | LexisNexis | LibGuides | OCLC |


ProQuest offers access to ProQuest Research Library, SIRS Researcher, Literature Online, Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA), as well as a number of other CSA Illumina databases in the areas of Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology.

Instructors who wish to use this resource in their courses should contact Gina Lee for login information.

ProQuest - CSA home page:

ProQuest Library School Program page:



RefWorks bibliographic management software helps researchers gather, store and share citations and generate bibliographies in various formats. Access to RefWorks is available to currently enrolled iSchool students through the King Library.

Set up an account with RefWorks once you have your Library Account. RefWorks allows you to create a personal database of references and generate bibliographies in a variety of formats. You will need the group code to access RefWorks off campus.

Creating a RefWorks Account (library tutorial)
Troubleshooting Tips (Guide about trusted site messages & pop-up blockers)
RefWorks Tutorials (through YouTube)

CALI | Dialog | EOSFactiva Gale | LexisNexis | LibGuides | OCLC |

Web of Knowledge

To access Web of Knowledge.

The password is available to use these databases. (You will need the current iSchool username and password to access the password page.) The password and/or User ID will be changed each semester.

Visit for a complete listing of training materials. Of particular interest to library and information science faculty is our introductory citation indexing seminar available at that walks students through the history and benefits of citation indexing.



WestLaw is available to students in classes where the instructor is teaching the use of Westlaw.

First time use:

  • Go to the Thomson West Librarian Resource Center
  • Find the blue box titled "Westlaw in Library Schools" and follow the link below to activate your LIS password
  • Complete the registration wizard, entering your password when prompted to do so.
  • Once registered, this may take you to, Enter your new password and accept the terms of the user agreement.
  • Exit out of "lawschool" and go to

The student passwords are good for 4 months from the date of registration.