Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing and Instant Messenger

The School of Information uses Blackboard Collaborate, an education-focused collaboration solution. Blackboard Collaborate is comprised of Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing (sometimes casually referred to as Blackboard Collaborate or just Collaborate) and Blackboard Collaborate Instant Messenger (also called Blackboard IM).


Students should review the guides to Using Collaborate Web Conferencing and Using Blackboard IM.

Students can set up their own Collaborate sessions (see instructions on how to do this).


Faculty should carefully review the Faculty Guide to Using Collaborate.

Find additional resources at the Blackboard Collaborate Help Guides

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing - Weekly Maintenance Window

Blackboard Collaborate has a weekly scheduled maintenance window for Web Conferencing:

  • Start Time:  7:00pm Pacific on Saturday
  • End Time:  3:00am Pacific on Sunday

During this time, there may be service disruptions which could impact iSchool Collaborate sessions. This is also true for Collaborate sessions launched through Blackboard IM. iSchool faculty and students may wish to avoid scheduling Collaborate sessions during the maintenance window, or at least be prepared to deal with any technical issues resulting from service disruptions during the maintenance window.

Service Status Pages for Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging

Status updates for maintenance windows and service disruptions are available at the links below.  If you are experiencing unexpected problems with Web Conferencing or Instant Messaging, please consult the service status page to determine whether there are any global service issues which may be impacting your activities.