Windows 10 Compatibility

The School of Information is now supporting Windows 10.   But please see the notes below for specific issues.    “Microsoft Edge” is the new Web browser bundled with Windows 10.

If you encounter issues that are not listed below, please report them to Abigail Laufer.


Adobe Products (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Adobe Flash):

The most recent versions of Adobe products should be compatible with Windows 10.   See the following page for additional information. 


Please consult the Canvas list of supported Web browsers. As of December 21, 2015, the following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge
  • Chrome 46 and 47
  • Safari 8 and 9
  • Firefox 42 and 43 (Extended Releases are not supported)

Cataloging Services:

  • Cataloger's Desktop:   No known issues.  Please report any issues to Abigail Laufer.
  • Classification Web:   No known issues.  Please report any issues to Abigail Laufer.
  • OCLC Conexion:    No known issues.  Please report any issues to Abigail Laufer.
  • RDA Toolkit:   No known issues.  Please report any issues to Abigail Laufer.

Microsoft Office:   

Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 are compatible with Windows 10.   Be sure to install all available updates for Office.   Office 2016 is scheduled for a Sept 22nd 2015 release.  We do not have any information regarding Office 2016 at this time and we strongly discourage users from upgrading to Office 2016 until additional information is available.


We are not aware of any issues when accessing MySJSU under Windows 10.  However, we suspect that Microsoft Edge is not supported.   If you are a Windows 10 user and you experience issues with MySJSU, please report the issues to the SJSU IT Help Desk.

Panopto Recorder (Faculty Only):

We are still investigating.   For faculty who are using Panopto Recorder, we strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 until further information is available.

Quicktime Player:  

The latest version of Quicktime Player is compatible with Windows 10.

Second Life:  

Windows 10 users may encounter problems with the software drivers for their graphics cards.   Check with the graphics card manufacturer frequently to see if they have released updated drivers.   Windows 10 users may also need to adjust the Windows firewall in order to allow Second Life traffic and voice communications.    

Regarding viewer compatibility:   As of Sept 11th 2015, some users have reported problems with the official viewer and also with third-party viewers such as Firestorm.   Stay on the lookout for viewer updates and install them when available.   *FOR ANY STUDENTS WHO ACTIVELY USE SECOND LIFE AS PART OF THEIR ISCHOOL COURSES, WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE YOU FROM UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10 AT THIS TIME*.

SPSS 23:   

SPSS 23 is fully compatible with Windows 10.

WebData Pro:   

Windows 10 users should use IE 11, Firefox, or Chrome when working in WebData Pro.  Any problems with Microsoft Edge should be reported to Abigail Laufer.


We are checking with the University regarding WebEx compatibility.  We believe that there are in fact some major compatibility issues.   Once the issues are known, we will update this section with particulars.   *FOR ANY STUDENTS WHO ACTIVELY USE WEBEX AS PART OF THEIR ISCHOOL COURSES, WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE YOU FROM UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10 AT THIS TIME*.


Windows 10 Security Concerns:

A number of groups have expressed concerns regarding Microsoft's information gathering strategies in Windows 10.   Some see the default Windows 10 settings as constituting a violation of personal privacy.   The School of Information neither endorses nor rejects that view.   However, consumers may want to educate themselves regarding the potential privacy issues by reviewing the following article, which includes steps for configuration changes that will help protect personal privacy.