RSS Subscription with Safari

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds with Safari

These instructions are for Safari version 3 (from 2007-09). This feature was removed from Safari beginning with version 6 in 2012.

Safari Version 8 now has a replacement for RSS called Shared Links which is akin to RSS. See this tutorial for assistance.

Step 1

Go to a favorite website like Boing Boing. A blue or grey RSS icon appears in the address bar. Note: only a site that offers RSS will cause this icon to appear in the Safari address bar.

Click on the RSS icon in the address bar.

screen shot of safari rss icon in address bar

Step 2

After the RSS content is displayed in Safari for reading, click on the plus button to add this feed.

screen shot of safari adding new RSS feeds

Step 3

Safari will ask you where to put the new RSS feed link, like the bookmarks bar.

screen shot of adding rss feed to safari

Step 4

The new link nows appears on the toolbar.

screen shot of new rss content in safari

Step 5

To check this feed, click on a link and enjoy!

screen shot of new rss content