Community Profiles

Research-Savvy iSchool Alumna Graduates With A Career Waiting For Her

“Everyone was so vibrant and excited about the paths they were pursuing, I knew the iSchool would provide me a more engaging and varied MLIS experience.”

Tamarack Hockin
MLIS Graduate 2017
British Columbia, Canada

A Post-Master’s Certificate from the iSchool Refreshes Dedicated Librarian’s MLIS and Creative Spirit

“What bothered me about other schools, to speak frankly, was that I bet if you looked at their course catalog from 1987, 2007, to today, one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The classes were dated.

Forward Thinking Archaeologist Graduates from the iSchool with Advanced Certificate in Digital Assets

“Real-world and business-like scenarios were often used for course content, which was immensely helpful. The readings were always relevant and I felt that all the assignments created an essential toolkit for us to use later on in our professional lives.”

MLIS Graduate Finds Success Through a Network Cultivated at the iSchool

“There was such a large selection of courses available, and I would have taken more classes if I could have, for sure. I remember graduating and thinking, ‘Man, there are still so many classes I wish I could take.”

iSchool Alumna Champions Information Accessibility in her Life and Career

“While I didn’t know everything, I was comforted by absolute theories, facts, laws:  things that may or may not be refuted at a later time as it is with all types of information and content.”

Tess (Teresita) McCarthy
MLIS Graduate 2012
San Francisco, CA