Community Profiles

MARA Graduate Robert McLauchlin Backs up His Experience With Information Governance Professional Certification

“Being in the information age, the records field is genuinely exciting right now. There are really no limits to what your career path can be. I’ll never run out of things to do, to investigate or implement.”

Dedicated Librarian Enriches Her Communities Using Skills Learned in Post-Master’s Certificate Program

“I’d been working as a librarian for 10 years and was looking for some continuing education that would help me gain new and innovative skills to bring back to my communities. It was an excellent decision!”

If You Build It They Will Come: Erin Berman Brings Imagination and Innovation to the Library

Erin Berman is a self-proclaimed maker.

Chris Burns and the Library Job(s) Project

Upon graduating in 2012, iSchool alumnus Chris Burns developed a strategic approach to employment by working at several different part-time and on-call positions as way to explore career opportunities in the information profession.

Dolly Goulart Says Hello to Corporate Librarianship

“Our mission statement for the library is to provide actual intelligence to the employee base. At the end of the day, our purpose is to make sure that employees, for whatever reason they come to us, are smarter and more informed when they’ve left us.”