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iSchool Community Profilees: Where Are They Now? (Part 2)
iSchool Community Profilees: Where Are They Now?

It’s summertime, virtual convocation has come and gone, and graduates and students alike are planning next steps for their LIS futures. We checked in with past Community Profilees for updates, inspiration and to see where they are now.

An Academic Librarian Falls for Corporate Life

“The education you get from SJSU is all about what you put into it. Everyone that I know that dove in and got involved has only succeeded in life or in their career afterwards.”
Whitni Watkins
Web Systems Engineer, Analog Devices

Julie Winkelstein is the Change She Wants to See in Libraries

“My goal in life is for people to see that we do a lot of different things, so people can understand that social justice comes naturally to librarians.”
Julie Winkelstein
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

iSchool Distinguished Alumna Lisa Rosenblum Likes Big Library Systems

“Part of the benefit of education is to learn new things, even if you don't  think you need them for your future career. There are so many options now...and a lot you can do.”