Community Profiles

Crystal Schimpf and the DIY LIS Career

“I knew how to do the training work, and I knew how to put the team together, and I knew how to work with the clients: it’s creating an organization that works that’s the hard part.”
Crystal Schimpf

Brittany Austin: A Grand Pas to Success

“Two of my major motivations for going back to school for my MLIS were to build communities and to share information and resources within these communities.

Alumna Vanessa Holm Reaches New Heights, With Help From the MLIS

“iSchool taught me great skills that I can apply to work, and made me more confident in the work I do. I would recommend the iSchool to anyone.”
Vanessa Holm
Ontario, Canada

Food for Thought

“I wasn’t sure I saw myself as a librarian. But having gone through [the MLIS program], I now understand the professionalism associated with this role. Now I have a larger view, and the values behind this role and why we do what we do.”

Talking TechSoup for Libraries with Alumna Ginny Mies

“I love doing the research and finding librarians who have done a really amazing project...