Community Profiles

All San José Libraries Are Mary Nino's Libraries

“More and more, libraries—public as well as academic—are becoming places of community, places where people gather, where they display what they’ve created, where they work to create and collaborate. It’s really fascinating: it’s really about community.”

Librarians Without Borders Takes iSchool Students on a Guatemalan Adventure

“If you’re interested in libraries, or nonprofits, community outreach—this is a great learning experience. What I took away from it is that it’s really important to know the community you’re working with.”
Kerry Purvis
Portland, Maine

Patrick Sweeney is Every Librarian

Patrick Sweeney, a 2007 iSchool alumnus, spends his hour-long train ride to and from work each day thinking about libraries.

The Sky’s the Limit for iSchool Special Libraries Association Chapter Presidents

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) boasts two iSchoolers in the top spots: president-elect alumna Elisa Ewing, and president Cory Laurence, a c

Virtual Collaboration with the iSchool’s Diverse Community Leads Yolande Wilburn on an LIS Adventure

Yolande Wilburn always wanted to go back to school for a master’s degree, and she looked to her own childhood for career inspiration. “I love the library, grew up there as a child, and found it to be a great way to escape,” Wilburn says.