Community Profiles

iSchool Graduate Alison Jantz: We don’t have all the answers, but we can find them

Canadian Alison Jantz found her niche, supplemented it with the MLIS degree, and landed her dream job: director of a theological library.

Public Libraries and the Community

2010 iSchool alumnus Chris Brown went through the MLIS program with the understanding that his educational experience would be the foundation that would enable him to practice LIS work—but that the real learning process would take place by just jumping into the workplace and being a librarian.

Kate Dillon: On Cybersecurity and Being WISE

Kate Dillon had a dream: to be a full-time MLIS student.

Scholarship Winner Scott Boyd Connects with the Indigenous Canadian Community

Scott Boyd has a keen desire to make a valuable contribution to society, along with an interest in libraries and their important role in communities.

Student Tina Jagerson Explores Tech Trends during iSchool’s Emerging Future Course

Student Tina Jagerson says a new SJSU iSchool elective focused on technology forecasting introduced her to a range of new career opportunities in the information field.