Community Profiles

Oliver Schulz: From Open Classes to MLIS

“As an information professional, library or not, your job is to help find information. But if you don’t stay up to date you don’t help people find the best information.”
Oliver Schulz

No Such Thing as Beginner's Luck

“Applying for a grant is more than just submitting applications to whatever is out there. Locating a grant that truly fits the library requires a thorough understanding of the requirements of the grant, and the needs and mission of the library [and] community.”

Essraa Nawar: We Need Diverse Librarians

“All of these experiences added up to who I am today, and what kind of work I will be able to do and contribute to the library profession. They made me who I am.”
Essraa Nawar

Food for Thought

“I wasn’t sure I saw myself as a librarian. But having gone through [the MLIS program], I now understand the professionalism associated with this role. Now I have a larger view, and the values behind this role and why we do what we do.”

Teen Services Librarian Amy Kirchofer Thrives in iSchool Open Classes

“I want to ensure that I have lots of options, since librarianship has so many possible applications.”
Amy Kirchofer
Lexington Park, Maryland
iSchool Open Classes Program Participant