Community Profiles

Student Tina Jagerson Explores Tech Trends during iSchool’s Emerging Future Course

Student Tina Jagerson says a new SJSU iSchool elective focused on technology forecasting introduced her to a range of new career opportunities in the information field.

Student Justine Withers Helps Libraries Visualize Data Aimed at Improving Outreach and Program Outcomes

A course offered by the SJSU School of Information gave student Justine Withers the opportunity to explore tools that help professionals interpret data and gain insight to make better decisions.

Student Catherine Stahl Applies Maker Space Ideas to Needs of Medical Library Patrons

Student Catherine Stahl gained tools to creatively meet patron needs in her medical library during a new elective offered by the SJSU School of Information.

Student Nick Triggs Gains Ideas for Designing His Academic Library’s Maker Space during New Elective

A new elective offered by the SJSU School of Information gave student Nick Triggs some tools to help design a maker space planned for the academic library in Maryland where he works.

Student Claire Bartlett Creates Resources for Ghana Library during Virtually Abroad Course

Student Claire Bartlett expanded her knowledge of library management while also gaining international experience through the SJSU information school’s LIBR 298 Virtually Abroad course.