Community Profiles

Canadian Student Simon Lum Thinks Globally and Acts Locally

“My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to build on my past successes and experiences, and to play a vital role in supporting and affecting positive change in my communities—locally and globally.”
Simon Lum

Librarians Without Borders Takes iSchool Students on a Guatemalan Adventure

“If you’re interested in libraries, or nonprofits, community outreach—this is a great learning experience. What I took away from it is that it’s really important to know the community you’re working with.”
Kerry Purvis
Portland, Maine

Student Ruth Bender Applies Coursework to Her School Library Job in Japan

Student Ruth Bender seems to thrive on adventure, whether it’s living overseas or pursuing a graduate degree online from a university halfway around the world.

Erin Zybart Adds Technology Skills with Post-Master’s Certificate

Erin Zybart wanted to increase her technology expertise and future career opportunities. She accomplished both goals by completing the Post-Master’s Certificate program at the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University (SJSU).

Student Gordana Vitez Puts Coursework to Use on the Job

Gordana Vitez uses “essentially everything” she’s learning in the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program in her job at an academic library in Ontario, Canada.