Community Profiles

Student Ian Matzen Blogs and Tweets from the Digital Assets Management European Conference

When SLIS Lecturer John Horodyski invited students in his LIBR 282 Digital Assets Management (DAM) class to volunteer their social media skills in return for a reduced registration fee to the June 2012 Henry Stewart DAM Conference in London, student Ian Matzen jumped at the chance.

Student Sudi Napalan Helps Her School Library in Saipan Win Grant

SLIS student Sudi Q. Napalan helped her school library win a $6,000 grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries, becoming the first school in the Northern Mariana Islands to receive a grant from the Foundation.

Student Suzanne Scott Serves as Editor-in-Chief of New SLIS Student Journal

Student Suzanne Scott’s broad background in library and information science provides the skills she needs to develop a new student research journal at SLIS.

Student Stephanie Roelling Earns MLIS While Teaching in China

SLIS student Stephanie Roelling is preparing for the next stage of her career as a school librarian by earning her MLIS degree while having the experience of a lifetime in the coastal Chinese city of Dalian.

Student James Hicks Earns MLIS While Working in Japan

SLIS student James Hicks currently works as an adjunct English professor at three separate universities in Japan, owns a small business that sells pure beeswax candles, and has two young children.