Community Profiles

Student Stephanie Roelling Earns MLIS While Teaching in China

SLIS student Stephanie Roelling is preparing for the next stage of her career as a school librarian by earning her MLIS degree while having the experience of a lifetime in the coastal Chinese city of Dalian.

Student James Hicks Earns MLIS While Working in Japan

SLIS student James Hicks currently works as an adjunct English professor at three separate universities in Japan, owns a small business that sells pure beeswax candles, and has two young children.

Student Abe King Joins with Library Co-Workers in Aftermath of Tsunami

Shortly after a deadly tsunami hit American Samoa on Sept. 29, 2009, SLIS student Abe King and his library co-workers went out to help with relief efforts in one of the best ways they could — by reading.

Student Claudia Peters Pursues MLIS While Living in Europe

Peters chose SLIS because “the online courses give students a lot of flexibility to coordinate school, work, and family life, and students can live anywhere,” Peters said. “That flexibility is very important to me.”

Student Lauren Turpin Is Earning her MLIS Degree While Living in Korea

An online MLIS program is the perfect fit for Lauren Turpin, who lives in Korea. Turpin was excited to enroll last year in the MLIS program offered by SLIS.