Community Profiles

Student Robert Riley Attends Australian Library Conference

Student Robert Riley flew more than 7,000 miles to attend the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Conference in September 2010, where he explored information literacy and networked with international library professionals.

Alum Tracy Virgil’s Internship Resulted in Expanded Professional Collaborations

Alumna Tracy Virgil completed an internship last summer at NASA Ames Research Center in California, where she gained valuable hands-on experience and built professional connections that resulted in ongoing collaborative projects.

Student Chelsie Harris Turns Internship into Permanent Position

Student Chelsie Harris worked as a paraprofessional at the San Diego County Library before completing an internship there last summer – gaining the experience and professional connections she needed to land a permanent position at the library in September.

Student Tracy Guza Interns with Getty Images

While working as an advertising agency producer and project manager, student Tracy Guza was a customer of Getty Images, using their stock photo library to license images for ads and websites.

Alum Steven Deineh Lands Job as Instruction Librarian

“It’s extremely difficult to break into the community college scene without at least a little bit of teaching experience,” said Deineh, who has worked at four community colleges.