Community Profiles

Student Lindsay Moxley Gains Critical Experience Via Exploratorium Internship

SLIS student Lindsay Moxley went the distance for her summer internship – traveling from Michigan to California, where she got her first hands-on archival experience at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, which describes itself as a museum of science, art, and human perception.

Student Lindsay Davis Completes Library of Congress Fellowship

SLIS student Lindsay Davis spent her summer as a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress, identifying publication information for the cataloguing of one of the legendary Spanish playwrights of the Golden Age.

Student Barbara Morgan Travels to Seattle for NARA Internship

SLIS student Barbara Morgan lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, a 30 minute drive from the nearest gas station.

Student Rose Khoury Lands Internship with Library of Congress

SLIS student Rose Khoury spent Fall 2009 as an intern with the Office of Strategic Initiatives for the Library of Congress, helping promote use of the library's primary sources in K-12 education.

Internship Helps Student Shayna Muckerheide Transition to State Library Position

Student Shayna Muckerheide knew she was taking a financial risk last summer when she decided to scale back her journalism job to part-time so she could work as an unpaid intern to gain library experience. But the gamble quickly paid off.