Community Profiles

Internship Helps Student Shayna Muckerheide Transition to State Library Position

Student Shayna Muckerheide knew she was taking a financial risk last summer when she decided to scale back her journalism job to part-time so she could work as an unpaid intern to gain library experience. But the gamble quickly paid off.

Internship Confirmed Alum Bridget Bagne’s Decision to Focus on Children’s Services

Alum Bridget Bagne worked as a library services assistant at a Sacramento County Public Library branch for years, but her internship at the Elk Grove Branch – in the same library system – gave her “crucial experience” to put on her resume.

Internship Helped SLIS Alum Jen Richter Land Job

“From the very first day of my internship, I had my own reference desk set up in the middle of the library’s computer area,” said Richter, who graduated in Fall 2008. “When students had questions, they immediately saw me.”

SLIS Student Michelle Reeder Says Mentorship Was “Turning Point”

SLIS student Michelle Reeder has been plugging away at her classes for the past couple of years, going to school part-time while raising her family.