Community Profiles

SLIS Instructor Jennifer Velasquez Transforms Teen Services

Jennifer Velasquez, SLIS Lecturer and Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library, has a straightforward approach to providing youth services: focus on the teens, not the titles.

Student Frank Florian Shares Screencasting Expertise as Peer Mentor and Presenter

As a peer mentor for our School’s graduate students, Frank Florian gained expertise in screencasting, which he shared during a recent online workshop hosted by our School’s American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) student chapter.

Student Elviria Aquino Pursues MLIS to Support Tribal Heritage Preservation

Student Elviria Aquino enrolled in our School’s MLIS program in Spring 2011 to learn how to help her community develop and manage their tribal heritage center.

Doctoral Student Cheryl Stenström Researches Public Library Funding Decisions

Doctoral student Cheryl Stenström has served in leadership positions in several public libraries, most recently as the Chief Librarian and CEO of the South Shore Public Libraries in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Student Suzanne Scott Serves as Editor-in-Chief of New SLIS Student Journal

Student Suzanne Scott’s broad background in library and information science provides the skills she needs to develop a new student research journal at SLIS.