Community Profiles

Student Genna Buhr Serves as Mentor for Technology Institute

SLIS student Genna Buhr was recently appointed as a mentor in a prestigious new institute for Illinois library staff that seeks to become a national model for teaching librarians about technology tools.

Alum David Cismowski Takes on New Leadership Role at the California State Library

SLIS alum David Cismowski was recently appointed Chief of the State Library Services Bureau of the California State Library, where he oversees the administration of the “public face” of the California State Library.

Alum Connie Schardt Heads Medical Library Association

Unable to find satisfying work with her Art History undergraduate degree, Connie Schardt decided to enroll in SLIS in the late 1970s with the hope of improving her career prospects. Her hunch paid off.

SLIS Student Michelle Reeder Says Mentorship Was “Turning Point”

SLIS student Michelle Reeder has been plugging away at her classes for the past couple of years, going to school part-time while raising her family.

Business Background Prepares Student Tina Johnson to Manage a School Library

Cristina “Tina” Johnson, recipient of the 2009 SLIS Alumni & Friends Scholarship, has worked in management positions at one of the nation’s biggest life insurers and trained employees at a mutual funds company.