Community Profiles

Anna-Carin U'Ren's Adventures at ALA Annual

Anna-Carin U’Ren was in her second year of the iSchool Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program when instructor Anthony Bernier let his class know about a REFORMA travel grant to attend the 2016

Kimberlee Wheeler: Representing for California Library Students

“Just seeing the diversity across the profession had a huge impact, and that was what made me decide I wanted to be a librarian.”
Kimberlee Wheeler
Chico, California
MLIS Student, Expected Graduation Spring 2016

Kate Dillon: On Cybersecurity and Being WISE

Kate Dillon had a dream: to be a full-time MLIS student.

Student Basia Delawska-Elliott Presents Case Study on Hospital Libraries at MLA Conference

Student Basia Delawska-Elliott received a warm reception when she presented a paper in May 2014 at the Medical Library Association’s annual meeting in Chicago.

Student Jennifer Dinalo Gains Skills in Instruction and Technology as a SLIS Student Assistant

Student Jennifer Dinalo boosted her skills in instruction and technology while serving as a student assistant during the fall 2012 semester.