Community Profiles

SLIS Student Allison Ruth Moves from Art Studio to Art Librarian

Allison Ruth realized that her true calling might be librarianship when she spent more time doing research than actual studio art while pursing her Master of Fine Arts degree.

At 64, Nan Singh Pursues Her MLIS While Working in an Academic Library

Singh’s first exposure to library work as a student at Northwest Nazarene College in the 1960s did nothing to enamor her to the profession. She recalls spending hours alone in a windowless basement binding periodicals by hand with a table saw.

Student Marianne Sterna Wins Scholarship and Sets Her Sights on Law Librarianship

Marianne Sterna, SLIS student and winner of a 2009 American Association of Law Librarians (AALL) award – the LexisNexis/John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship – started out as a clerk at San Diego’s Office of County Counsel.

Internship Experiences Confirm Career Path for Scholarship Recipient Jonathan Paulo

A career in library science was Paulo’s “Plan B,” after deciding that his dreams of rock ‘n roll success weren’t imminent.

Business Background Prepares Student Tina Johnson to Manage a School Library

Cristina “Tina” Johnson, recipient of the 2009 SLIS Alumni & Friends Scholarship, has worked in management positions at one of the nation’s biggest life insurers and trained employees at a mutual funds company.