Community Profiles

iStudent Blog Writer Looks Ahead to Life After the MLIS

“[This work] gave me a reason to pursue all the avenues that this program and the LIS field are about while also connecting with professionals in the field and professors, students and alumni at SJSU. It completely opened up the program to me.”

Career Changer Darren Ilett Builds a Model for Success

“The thing that draws me to libraries,” says iSchool student Darren Ilett, “is the focus on service and making a positive impact for whatever communities we serve. And the emphasis on education.”

iSchool Student Helps Craft New LIS Textbook

Not too long ago, iSchool student Elaine Hall responded to an email query requesting a research assistant and was hired to work with Dr. Sandra Hirsh, iSchool director.

Student Tony Brooke Blazes Trail in Defining Entertainment Industry Metadata Standards

Student Tony Brooke’s work as an audio engineer gave him a front-row seat to observe changes in the music and other entertainment industries in recent years, including the technology used to record, store and share media.

Student Heather Kartzinel’s Research Supports Global Health Information Project

Conducting research for a global health information project made student Heather Kartzinel more aware of the scope and reach information professionals can have.