Community Profiles

Student Collin Rickman Investigates Youth Spaces Design with Grant-Funded Research Team

Student Collin Rickman is gaining valuable experience in research and virtual collaboration as a member of a major grant-funded research study.

Student Laura Serrano Researches Residency Programs and Emerging Technologies

Student Laura Serrano is exploring library residency programs and emerging technologies as a research assistant with the School’s Catalyst project.

Student Antonia Krupicka-Smith Focuses Work and Research on Youth Services

Student Antonia Krupicka-Smith is contributing her knowledge of youth development and teen culture to a grant-funded study on public library spaces for young adults.

Alum Pam Okosun Investigated YA Needs in Public Libraries as Part of Grant-Funded Research Team

Alum Pam Okosun worked with Associate Professor Anthony Bernier’s grant-funded research team to discover how to design and build Young Adult (YA) spaces in public libraries.

Alum Emily Weak Researched Text Reference Services as Part of Grant-Funded Study

Alum Emily Weak gained experience in research and reference services by working on a grant-funded study about text reference services with SLIS assistant professor Dr. Lili Luo.