Fall 2017 Course List

The list of fall 2017 courses below includes all electives offered.

Note: Enrollment is based on space availability and is not guaranteed. Some of the classes below might already be filled.

As you explore these courses, we encourage you to read the example course syllabus. (Click on the course title to view the syllabus.) Note that in some cases, the syllabus may be from a previous semester, as the fall 2017 syllabus is not yet available. Also, some courses are new, and thus there are no previous syllabi available. When viewing a course syllabus from a previous semester, please note that the instructor for the fall 2017 Open Class may not be the same instructor in the sample syllabus we have linked to from a previous semester.

The course syllabus includes a brief course description, along with details regarding assignments, technology requirements, grades, course calendar, workload expectations, student learning outcomes, and textbooks. If any live synchronous class sessions are required, they will be noted on the syllabus.

Most courses are for three units and cover the full 15-week session. However, there are several 1-unit courses available, reducing the cost to enroll, as well as the time needed to complete the course. We are also offering 2-unit courses. Many of these shorter courses have a leadership focus. Another option is to take a 3-unit course offered in an intensive format, where the time to complete the course is condensed to 7 or 8 weeks, yet you can still earn 3 units of credit.

Students who enroll in Open Classes do not need to complete any MLIS core-course prerequisites prior to enrolling, except where noted on this list. If you are interested in a specific course, we invite you to complete a sign-up form, which will be available starting on July 10th, 8 a.m. Pacific, and then we will get in touch with you to confirm whether space is available.

Choose courses in any of the following areas:

Emerging Trends in the Profession
INFO 287-11 Design Thinking *2 units, Runs Sept. 13th - Nov. 22nd, with a break from Oct. 9th -16th OPEN
INFO 287-12 Cybersecurity OPEN
INFO 287-13 Innovation and Participatory Practice in Libraries *(to include Maker Spaces) OPEN
INFO 287-14 Scratch, 2 units, Runs from Aug. 23rd - Oct. 20th OPEN

Developing and Managing Information Systems and Web Applications
INFO 240-10, -11, -12 Web Design and Programming All Sections Closed
INFO 246-10 PHP/MySQL Closed
INFO 246-13 Text/Data Mining OPEN

Information Assurance, Big Data, Informatics and Information Visualization
INFO 246-11 Big Data Analytics and Management OPEN
INFO 287-10 Health Informatics*, 2 units Runs from Sept. 18th - Nov. 16th OPEN

Leadership and Management
INFO 275-10 Library Services for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities Closed
INFO 281-11 Globalization and Information Closed
INFO 281-14 Open Access*, 1 unit, Runs from Sept. 5th - Oct. 6th Closed
INFO 281-15 Intercultural Communication, 2 units, Runs from Aug. 23rd - Oct. 20th (syllabus is from 3 unit version of the class) Closed
INFO 282-10 Change Management, 1 unit, Runs from Oct. 9th - Nov. 9th Closed
INFO 282-12 Grant Writing Closed
INFO 282-13 Project Management, 2 units, Runs from Sept. 11 - Nov. 9th (syllabus is from 3 unit version of the class) Closed
INFO 283-10 Marketing of Information Products and Services OPEN

Managing, Preserving, and Curating Digital Assets, Records, and Other Cultural Heritage Artifacts
INFO 256-10 Archives and Manuscripts Closed
INFO 256-11 Archives and Manuscripts Closed
INFO 259-10 Preservation Management Closed
INFO 282-11 Digital Asset Management Closed
INFO 284-10 Medieval Manuscripts: Codicology, 1 unit, Runs from Aug. 23rd - Sept. 20th Closed
INFO 284-11 Medieval Manuscripts: Paleography, 2 units, Runs from Sept. 21st - Nov. 16th OPEN
INFO 284-12 Medieval Manuscripts: Genres,* 2 units, Runs from Oct. 5th - Dec. 7th See more information about this class OPEN
INFO 284-13 Tools, Services, and Methodologies for Digital Curation Closed
INFO 284-14 Managing Photographic Collections Closed
INFO 284-15 Creating Interpretive Exhibits in Non- Traditional Spaces CANCELLED
MARA 211-10 Records Access, Storage and Retrieval  OPEN
MARA 283-10 Enterprise Content Management and Digital Preservation, Instructor TBD, (sample syllabus of a different instructor) OPEN
MARA 284-10 Information Governance OPEN
MARA 284-11  Digital Forensics for Archivists* 1 unit, Runs from August 23rd - September 22nd OPEN

Information Organization and Retrieval
INFO 247-10 Vocabulary Design Closed
INFO 248-10/-11/-12 Beginning Cataloging and Classification all sections Closed
INFO 266-10 Collection Management Closed
INFO 266-11 Collection Management Closed
INFO 266-12 Collection Development Closed
INFO 281-10 Metadata Closed

Information Intermediation and Instruction
INFO 210-10 Reference and Information Services, 3 units Closed
INFO 210-11 Reference and Information Services, 3 units Closed
INFO 210-12 Reference and Information Services, 3 units Closed
INFO 210-14 Reference in the Age of Google: Marketing, Outreach, Management and Evaluation 2 units, Runs from Oct. 16th - Dec. 11th Closed
INFO 220-10 Readers Advisory Genres and Techniques OPEN
INFO 220-11 Digital Humanities OPEN
INFO 220-13 Maps & GIS, 2 units, Runs from August 23rd - October 20th OPEN
INFO 244-10 Online Searching OPEN
INFO 244-11 Online Searching (syllabus not available yet) Closed
INFO 250-10 Instructional Design Non K-12 Focus  Closed
INFO 250-11 Instructional Design Non K-12 Focus OPEN
INFO 254-10 Information Literacy and Learning Closed
INFO 254-11 Information Literacy and Learning Closed

Library Services for Children and Young Adults
INFO 260A-10 Programming and Services for Children Closed
INFO 261A-10 Programming and Services for Young Adults Closed
INFO 265-10 Materials for Young Adults Closed
INFO 269-10 Early Childhood Literacy Closed
INFO 281-12 Storytelling Closed

Courses Covering Specific Library Environments
INFO 220-12 Medical Librarianship OPEN
INFO 232-10 Issues in Public Libraries Closed
INFO 237-10 School Library Materials Closed
INFO-281-13 Examination of global library issues using project based learning, 2 units, Runs from September 18th - October 11th OPEN

Research and Program Evaluation
INFO 285-10 Historical Research Closed
INFO 285-11 Survey Research (especially library user surveys) Closed
INFO 285-12 Action Research, Intensive format: see more information about Intensives, Runs 8/30 -10/27 Closed
INFO 285-13 Evaluating Programs and Services Closed  
INFO 285-14 General overview of the frequently used research methods in library and information practice Closed
MARA 285-10 Research Methods in Records Management and Archival Science OPEN

Language and Culture for Information Professionals
SPAN 132-10 Beginning Spanish 4 units, is offered online by World Languages for the School of Information. Sample syllabus is from the 3 units version of the class. Can be used toward MLIS. Closed
SPAN 132-11 Intermediate Spanish* 4 units, is offered online by World Languages for the School of Information. Sample syllabus not yet available. Can be used toward MLIS. OPEN

*New course for summer 2017. No prior course syllabus available.


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